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College students and their right to freedom of speech.

Some college campuses have banned free speech in certain areas of the campus. That means some students are having to protest and such in designated areas of the school.

There are many reasons for this and I will have to say that I agree with the school's decisions if they have chose designated areas. Maybe someday, all school's will have assigned locations for student protest and such.

This way, the majority of the students listening will be the ones who have gone out of their way to listen.

I can only imagine how many comments have been made that were racial, homophobic. I can only imagine how many things have been said stereotyping a certain group of people.

I enjoy that we have freedom of speech. I just think some people take it too far. Yelling, screaming, and gathering is not going to change the world though. You can't change everyone by passing out flyers.

I'm sure most college students are outraged by having this freedom limited. If they aren't in areas people have to go through to get to the majority of thier classes or to the office, maybe even the parking lot, less people are going to listen. They may think they're having less of an "impact". I just think they're contributing to noise.

Something my parents taught me early on:
To each their own.

Any thoughts on this?
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