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The Quagmire

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This community is :

x for people who'd like to have intelligent conversation.

x so you can hear how other people feel about the same things you think about. To have input and another perspective.

x for open discussion.


x No harassment of other members.

x Be respectful to everyone and their opinion.

x I'm going to be a bitch about this one. Put whatever your post is about in the subject box. If you don't, I'll delete it. I'll probably be adding all of the posts to memories. That is all.

If you start any drama, you will immediately be removed and banned from the community. You will not have time to "explain" yourself. One of us will simply remove you.

Anything you feel like discussing can be added here. Any thoughts you have. People will comment so keep this in mind.

Maintained by:
Bill and Corey.